Results of semi-matched haplo transplantation 2015

I became a disease called chronic myelomonocytic leukemia in 2015.
Because chronic myelomonocytic leukemia does not cure by chemotherapy, I got a bone marrow transplant.
I made a semi-matched transplant between relatives.
I will describe its contents.


IIs me.

31 years old.


It is my mother.
60 years old.
She is healthy.

Bone marrow transplant protocol

Day-6 administration of fludarabine ○ (meaning that you ate rice normally)
Day-5 administration of fludarabine ○
Day-4 administration of fludarabine ○
Day-3 TBI (whole body irradiation of radiation) Morning and evening moved to 2 Gy clean room each. ○
Day-2 TBI (whole body irradiation) Morning and evening 2 Gy ○
Day-1 TBI (whole body irradiation) Morning and evening 2 Gy ○
Day 0 peripheral blood stem cells. ○
Day 1 heat 38 ~ 39 ℃. ○
Day 2 Heat 39 ~ 40 ℃. ○
Day 3 Endoxane administration. Heat 39 ~ 40 ℃. Morphine starts. Ice only at night.
Day 4 Endoxane administration. Blood pressure drops during endoxan → Interruption → echo electrocardiogram → fever decompression with steroid → restart. Heat 39 ~ 40 ℃. Once it gets hot, it gets hot again. Only night ice · fruit.
Day5 Immunosuppressant initiation (Prograf, MMF) heat 38-39 ° C. Use of antipyretics. Day and night.
Day 6 Morning, day and night.
Pain in the day 7 mucous membrane (throat, esophagus?! I do not know the influence of radiation or anticancer drugs, but a disorder begins. It is painful to swallow a brim. It is very painful to drink MMF. Even chattering trembling for about an hour in front of medicine will be bought. Morning and afternoon. Diet discontinued from night.
Pain at the base of the left foot wishing for the increase in morphine.
Day 9 I am sleeping longer
Day10 I wish for an increase in morphine
Day11 I wish for an increase in morphine Further sleeping time is lengthened When I hurt I was sleeping best
Day15 talking
We confirmed that day 17 white blood cells increased from 0 to 0.1.
Day 18 Mucosal pain calmed down so that medicines can be drunk smoothly Morphine reduced night-time vegetable juice (taste a bit somewhat funny!).
Day 20 Gran administration. Pain in joints.
Day 21 day and night calorie mate jelly
Day 22 End of morphine. Night Calorie Mate Jelly, Ice 1/5. Swelling slightly.
Early morning strong nausea. Vomiting for the first time in my previous treatment. Stomachache like pushing up in the morning. Restart morphine. Calm down in the evening.
Day 24 chromosome examination.
First day after transplantation to take CT 25 day, go outside the sterile room. My face gets reddish.
Day 26 Marc. Evening 38.4 ℃ Shining chill (Allergy due to blood platelet transfusion ??).
Day31 engraftment. (I think that it was probably somewhat uncertain, I think it took longer than planned) Chromosomal examination → 99.8% from donor. Although negative content was written in the comment column of blood data, it became uneasy, but I think that it is wonderful if there is nothing. It’s okay!

Then, from the sterile room to the general ward (single room).