【Haplo bone marrow transplantation】 For GVHD

I did half-matched Haplo transplants between relatives.

When you do transplant, there are individual differences, but surely GVHD will be shown.

There are also cases where it is difficult to distinguish whether side effects due to drugs are side effects due to drugs or radiation side effects or GVHD in the course of treatment.

This time I will describe the symptoms that occurred to me that the doctor mentioned that GVHD is the cause.

Symptoms that seem to be GVHD

Liver dysfunction


Numerical deterioration of the liver.

I have jaundice.

By using medicine to lower T-BIL, it gets lost. (I think that it is a drug that suppresses allergy)

As time goes by, other figures are slightly lower.


Occurs from 3 months after transplantation



I can have a rash under my neck.

Ultimately using Locoid will improve the symptoms.


One month after transplant ~



Heat, cough, back pain occurred.

It becomes better with large doses of steroids.

About three and a half in a year and a half.



I was told that it is GVHD by inspection of the intestines.

It felt like it fell along with the passage of time.

There was not bloody stools, etc.

Currently, diarrhea has subsided, but it is loose stools.


Immediately after transplantation – 3 months after transplantation

Decrease in neutrophils


Periodically the neutrophil count decreases.

Dealing with administration of Gran.

There were times when neutrophils did not increase in Gran.


Frequency of about once every two months.



Vomiting, stomach pain like pushing up. (It may be influenced as it was the next day when we stopped morphine)


Only one time after transplant one month.

It will cure in about 6 hours.

Judgment of GVHD

It seems to be difficult to judge whether it is GVHD or not.

It seems that there are many cases where you do not know without biopsying the cells.

However, biopsy with low platelets after transplantation is dangerous and I think that other methods will be taken.

In my case, because platelets were low, I decided to stop all medicine for a week when I decided whether medicine was concerning deterioration of liver function.

And since the numerical value did not improve, it was GVHD.

Fear of GVHD

GVHD of lung, intestine and skin related with net information was very uneasy and felt fear.

In addition, information from hospitalized associates caused the bleeding to be burned or the skin of the whole body becoming burned, or the water accumulated beneath the skin and he heard such a terrible thing … and it fell down.

However, I never saw a person in such a situation.

It is possible, but worrying too much is not good.

GVHD is strong = suppress cancer cells

Even if GVHD is strengthened strongly, it means that the risk of recurrence is decreasing because the GVL effect is also strong.

In that case, it does not seem to be a bad thing and does not recur. It suppresses cancer cells. Let’s think!