I am japanese 31 year old man.

It was diagnosed as chronic myelomonocytic leukemia in 2014.

I sent a fighting illness life, I took a leave of absence for two years, and I have reinstated.

I experienced anticancer drug therapy, bone marrow transplantation (semi-matched haplo), GVHD.

Occasionally I felt uneasy about the testing / treatment method and GVHD after transplant from a sense of fear.

There are times when I have not slept in the middle of the night and I searched for information on the net till the morning.

However, I could not find any information I wanted.
That is because the method of transplantation and the type of leukemia were minorities.

I will post information that I could not find on this blog.
The reason why I made this blog is to convey my information to the same people or their families for peace of mind.

Please bear with those in painful circumstances

You surely head in a good direction.

Time series

2014.4 Blood abnormality is found by medical examination.
2014.10 numerical deterioration of blood → anti-cancer drug treatment .
2015.2 half-match with mother Hapro transplant immunosuppressant .
2017.8 discharge.
2015.10 Sacral fracture found Diabetes discovered.
2016.1 Compression of the spine.
2016.3 Cervical spine · Lumbar compression fracture Osteoporosis discovered
2016.11 Sepsis developed.Insulin withdrawal.
2017.1 return to work.

Related matter

CT, MRI, intestinal examination, lung camera, pulmonary function measurement, malaise, radiation therapy, catheter (laparotomy), radiation therapy, catheter , Peripheral blood stem cell transplantation, bone marrow bank, septicemia, numbness of feet, etc.

About inquiries

I think that there is anxiety which only people who experienced illness understand.

I will take counseling whenever you want.

Even if it is trashy, it does not matter.

It is enough if you can remove even a little anxiety about those who inquired.

Even if it is not a hard text, it does not matter at all.