Results of examining and comparing the pain of bone marrow aspiration

I feel a fear of bone marrow aspiration.

I feel that it did not hurt every time as the exam was over.

Even if I know that it does not hurt, I am scared every time.

How do you feel?

Are you scared of bone marrow aspiration?

Can I afford such inspection?

I will introduce a method to relieve the pain of bone marrow aspiration and ranking comparing the pain of bone marrow aspiration found on the net with other pain.

If you are afraid of bone marrow aspiration, it is a must – see.

Two points to reduce fear and pain

1. Do it on the sternum

Bone marrow aspiration is done in the sternum or iliac bone. (Biopsy is done only in the iliac bone)
If you are doing a bone marrow aspiration with the iliac bone every time, we recommend that you do it on the sternum.
When performing bone marrow aspiration on the sternum, since the movement of the doctor is visible, there is little sense of fear
Also, since the muscle is thinner than the iliac bone, there is less sense that the needle sticks deeply.
I had a smoother bone marrow aspiration than the iliac bone.

2. Pimp your thymes

From the moment of stabbing the needle of anesthesia twist your butt and disperse the pain
Then, think seriously about my favorite food and escape from reality

Pain Ranking

This is a famous comparative chart I saw on the net in Japan.

It was fun, so please have a look at everyone by all means.

SSSS Hydrofluoric acid is applied to the nerve of a tooth (pain due to death)
SSS urinary calculus
SS pancreatic cancer (end stage), paraponera attack
S sneeze in disc herniation, cancer pain
A labor, clavicular fracture
B gout, disc herniation, lung cancer (end stage)
C shoot testicles with an air gun, bone marrow aspiration, stabbed by a large sparrow
D cramps (thigh), pneumonia, cramps
E Hit the little finger against the corner of the desk
F Menstrual cramping = Grasp the testicles strongly

Paraponera attack on SS is to be bitten by paraponella (ant). It seems that the pain like being shot by bullets runs.


Any strong fighter, I think that grandpa who experienced war feels fear of bone marrow puncture.

When bone marrow aspiration is over, let’s eat delicious food at your favorite shop while praising yourself for yourself.